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Jual Spiral Wound Gasket – SWG Murah dan berkualitas sesuai AML MIGAS dan Pertamina


SWG Spiral Wound Gasket  

Spiral wound gaskets are well known for sealing between pipe flanges in high fluid pressure applications. Typically such gaskets include a spiral winding and a metal guide ring. The spiral winding is usually a profiled metal strip and a sealing material spiral wound upon itself to form a laminated structure which is resilient in a direction perpendicular to the plane of the spiral. The guide ring attached to the spiral winding is designed to prevent over-compression of the spiral winding as the pipe flanges are clamped together and to center the gasket within the flange. A metal support ring may be provided radially inward of the spiral winding to limit compression and buckling. These rings are flat metal rings with a typical thickness less than the non-compressed thickness of the spiral winding.

The metal winding section of prior known spiral gaskets is designed to seal against fluid leakage while the metal guide ring simply limits compression of the gasket and facilitates location of the gasket within the flange. The flat metal guide ring of the prior known gaskets has no sealing function because that is the task of the spiral winding. While the guide ring forms an outer metal annuli, some spiral wound gaskets also include an inner ring to limit compression and inward buckling. Since the inner ring is radially inwardly of the spiral winding seal, it is exposed to the fluids of the pipeline. A corrosive fluid could corrode the inner ring resulting in eventual failure of the gasket. To overcome this problem, an elastomer material has been applied to the ring simply to protect the ring from the corrosive fluid. The elastomer coated inner ring protects the pipe lining material from mechanical damage due to the clamping of the pipe flange while providing a barrier against corrosion. However, the overall function of the elastomer coated inner ring is to limit compression of the pipe flanges against the spiral wound gasket and inward buckling of the gasket.

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